Anti GSM Blocking

What is a GSM Blocker?

A GSM Blocker is a small electronic device that can effectively block any radio signal in the local area where it is activated. There are a wide variety of blockers available with different abilities to block wider radio frequency ranges over wider distances.

It is important to note that any device which transmits via a radio frequency can be blocked.

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How is it used?

An intruder will typically position a blocker beside or on the roof of a premises which they have targeted. When the device is switched on, the intruder will cut the PSTN landline. When the intruder breaks into the building the intruder alarm panel will try to alert the monitoring company by the phone line which is cut, it will then send the signal via the GSM back-up device. However, that signal goes nowhere. It is also important to note that the intruder alarm panel and the GSM back-up unit do not know that the alarm event has not been sent to the monitoring centre. He intruders can spend as long as they like in the premises without anybody knowing until the next morning when you or a member of staff first arrives to work.

What can Smart Monitoring do for you?

Smart Monitoring has the solution to this growing problem. The CSL 'Dualcom' device is currently protecting 112,000 premises from GSM Blockers. Your PSA licensed installer can install one of these units for you in minutes. The unit operates via a private GPRS network which is exclusively dedicated to monitoring your intruder alarm connection. The device communicates with Smart Monitoring through three different communication paths: GPRS, GSM, and PSTN. Smart Monitoring will test the CSL 'Dualcom' device in your premises every three minutes.

This test will fully check the communication path between your intruder alarm and Smart Monitoring. If the GPRS signal has disappeared, the unit will automatically switch to try GSM and then PSTN. Even if the local cell tower has gone the unit will automatically switch to another network ie. Vodafone, O2, or Meteor. This happens in a matter of milliseconds. If there is a signal path failure, we will know at Smart Monitoring. If there is a Total path failure, we will know at Smart Monitoring.

Remember, this full diagnostic test happens every three minutes of every hour, every day for 365 days a year. If your signal is being blocked, one of our controllers will be calling you to let you know.

Talk to your local PSA installer, or contact us for a list of installers in your area. For more information, select the datasheet in our product download area.