Lone Worker Monitoring, Personal & Vehicle Tracking

Complete Peace of Mind: As well as alerting us to your whereabouts, Smartlinq actually calls us when you press the panic button.

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Smart Monitoring offers a range of personal tracking, lone worker, and vehicle tracking options. Our range of products include:

You will also have the option of viewing your employees whereabouts from your own laptop or PC including history reports of their movements. Our range of products include


A slim sized mobile tracker which also acts as a mobile phone


Q-LinQ - All the benefits of the SmartlinQ combined with all the benefits of a mobile phone at the same time

Q-LinQ 'Sonim' - All the benefits of the QlinQ in a toughened waterproof housing


Bloq 'Portable' - Keep track on anything you like with our portable tracker which can be placed anywhere

Bloq 'Vehicle' - Can be installed in any vehicle for tracking

Bloq 'Pro Vehicle' - All the benefits of Bloq 'Vehicle' but with panic button and two way conversation built in with the control room for emergency