Medical Alarm Monitoring (Coming Soon)

Complete Peace of Mind: When the wearer needs help, we can talk directly to them wherever they are in the home or garden.

Smart Monitoring will be launching its unique Medical Alert System in the coming months. Smart Medical offers complete peace of mind to the user and relatives in a manner that no other Home Alert system can in Europe.

What makes it the best?

  • Simple to install: Simply install the base station in the home by attaching the existing phone line. Then connect the phone to the base station
  • Easy to use: The waterproof pendant can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or on the beltclip which are all provided. The wireless pendant has will operate within 600 feet of the base station
  • We Will Never Leave Them On Their Own: If the wearer needs help, pressing the button on the pendant will immediately open up a two way phone call into the control room. The wearers information is instantly available to the controller, and we will never leave them until help arrives
  • The Ultimate Information: Not only will the controller contact the emergency services, we will provide real time information to the wearer and the emergency services until they arrive
  • We Let You Know: Our management system will also automatically send you and your family a text or e-mail notifying you that the wearer is in difficulty and has contacted the control room
  • We Let You Know: When you contact the control room we can immediately include you in a three way conversation with the wearer. They will never be alone.

Product Information