Remote CCTV Services

Remote Gate Opening

Access to your premises can be controlled by the monitoring centre from our control room. This service will literally save your company thousands of euro by replacing the requirement for a night security guard. In addition to protecting the site from intruders, an intercom can be installed outside your entrance gate. Any member of your staff can contact our control room by pressing the intercom and speak to one of our controllers. Our controllers can verify authorised personnel via live CCTV or a password. Our controllers can then open any gate to allow entrance to authorised personnel. Our controllers will then view the gate opening and closing, ensuring that no-one else enters the site.

Remote Guard Tours

Our controllers can view your premises and perform full live camera tours at several intervals during night or day. In addition to keeping your site secure, this also allows our controllers to check picture quality & lighting conditions from each camera position. Any issues with quality is then relayed to your installation company. All services can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Remote CCTV Escorts

To give staff members extra peace of mind, we can also offer a remote CCTV escort service. If a member of staff calls the monitoring centre, one of our controllers will stay on the phone and view them safely leaving the site via the live CCTV cameras. We can also provide this service to any persons responding to an alarm. This can give total peace of mind to your staff.

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